About Us

We are a trading company specializing in high quality replacement hydraulic parts. Through synergies with leading manufacturers around the world, we can bring to our customers a wide range of hydraulic parts that are of premium quality and very competitively priced. We constantly scan the global market for manufacturers that meet the highest quality criteria our clients need. We always visit our suppliers to inspect their production process and to build a personal relation with them, before we start offering their products. We try our best to safeguard that the hydraulic parts we will offer to our customers will add value to their businesses.

Why Choose Us?

Three Locations

We hold our inventory in three different locations around the world. Cyprus, Thailand and China. We try hard to find the most convenient and cost effective way for our parts to reach you.

Quality Guaranteed

All our parts are 100% interchangeable with the original parts and followed by a one year limited guarantee. They are made with the highest quality standards, from globally known manufacturers.  

Fast and Cost Effective

Most of our parts are delivered worldwide within few days from the order. Our pricing policy is to offer the best possible quality in the most competitive price on the market